Why Visual QR Codes are better than Black And White QR Codes?


Let’s face it, we are attracted by colors and by things that look flashy and beautiful. The QR code as it was originally made, is a black and white square that has a static like design and no visual appeal at all. This is the reason why a visual QR code with colorful and noticeable designs has been created and it will completely change the way in which QR codes are advertised.

The use of a visual QR code will provide the best branding and conversion results with a serious increase on the amount of scans that people will do. It’s quite natural that this codes world be much more appealing to people. When something is in black and white, it never provides the right kind of impact because people find black and white to be boring when it comes to advertisement.

The appeal of the QR code has been enhanced entirely now that companies can use clever images or their own logos in their QR code prints and this truly makes a world of difference. The visual attraction has always been an extremely important part of any kind of marketing strategy and this brings a vast number of opportunities that have never been available for the QR code.

All marketing experts have recommended that any business that has used QR codes in their marketing strategies, should consider the importance of switching to a visual QR code. The reason for this is that the increase in scans can be incredibly large and there is no logical reason to continue using the old boring black and white QR codes that bring no appeal or beauty to any design.

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