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Where to Use QR Codes?

In this era aptly christened ‘instant information’ age, QR (Quick Response) codes are not just a fad but a laudable innovation. That explains why they are literally everywhere. You see them on business cards, posters, newspapers, coffee cups, etc. The QR codes are undoubtedly the best mobile marketing tools. Here are ways to use QR codes for marketing products and services.

#1: Place Them on Business Cards

When people are at conferences or meetings, they often exchange business cards. But the cards later get lost or are stashed in drawers full of papers, files and books and get lost in the midst. By employing the use QR codes in business cards, the information on the card is never lost. You scan and directly save it on your mobile phone. You can even have a logo QR code on your cards that reveal your business logo and the information behind it.

#2: Put Them on Doors

Putting up a QR code on your company door is an ingenious way of giving clients (and prospects alike) all your details – website, phone numbers, opening and closing hours. It’s even better if you have a PDF on your website. In case your business has an app, it can also tip the odds in your favour as you can also place the apps name on your door. You should, however, make sure that all your contact information is updated on your app.

#3: Put Them on T-Shirts

Of course, you can put your QR code on your company t-shirts and give them out as giveaways. It gets easier for your business to give answers to questions that your clientele may have about your business. They just need to scan a code and get the necessary answers for themselves. If you want your t-shirts to look attractive, don’t place the codes on the front. Instead, place them on the upper area of the back between the shoulder blades.

#4: Put Them on Trinkets and Key Chains

Personalise your key chains or even trinkets by putting your QR code on them. Find a way to make them look neat and attractive. QR codes, depending on where you place them, can also look ugly. To get unique codes, you can use a QR code generator to make codes that suit your business needs. You may choose to make a smaller or larger code. It depends with your wants.

#5: On Banners

If you can put a QR code on a business card, you can custom make a banner with a larger QR code that provides information about your company. Have your banner anywhere you think people might see it – in public spaces, at convention tables, etc. Also, you can use a logo QR code on a strategic place on the banner that’s within everyone’s view.