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Create your QR Code in 4 Easy Steps!!


It’s Easy!!

Choose your QR code type

Choose among different QR code types according to your requirements.

Design your QR code

Customize your QR code design, upload logo or any image to create your visual QR code.

Download your QR code

Once you are done with your QR code design, you can download and print it.

Track and manage your scans

Track your QR code and manage your campaign.

Visual Qr Codes

You can use any image to create a qr code. Whether its your logo, your favorite social network icon or your app icon, you can now use any image to promote your brand awareness, be more attractive, be more intuitive, and generate you more scans!

What is a Visual QR Code?


A Visual QR Code is a full colour QR code that allows you to embed barcodes within a picture. Black and white is no longer the only option when it comes to QR Codes; welcome to the world of personalised Visual Codes.

A Visual QR Code grabs attention immediately and it can advertise your company whether the receiver decides to scan it or not. The traditional QR Code is widely used but not often read; this is ineffective marketing at its best. With a Visual QR Code you could code messages into Logos, promotional pictures, photographs and many other attractive mediums.  Get your company advertised immediately and grab the attention of the receiver by them a Visual QR Code that they are tempted to scan in.

A Visual QR Code serves the same purpose as a traditional Barcode or QR Code, but it differs majorly as it offers the advertiser unlimited options as it presents QR codes in living colour. Our Visual QR Codes can be used to link to web URLs, Visual QR Codes can be use in order to embed private messages, Visual QR Codes provide an opportunity to embed your barcodes into your marketing material and vice versa. Use Visual QR Codes to link to special promotions, link to document downloads and attract new markets by using curiosity to your advantage. QR codes are common; dare to be different and explore the options that only a Visual QR Code can offer.

In order to read a Visual QR Code you will need to download a QR Code Reader App via Apple or Android. You will then be able to scan it and it will take you to the website or link that has been embedded in the QR Code.

You are able to grab the attention of any person without a doubt, we see Black and White QR Codes on everything but what we do not see is a large amount of people scanning in the QR Codes as they are no longer excited or tempted to follow a barcode that has become a norm in our everyday life. Visual codes allow you to create attractive barcodes that can grab your target audience immediately by giving them a sneak peak of what to expect should they decide to follow the link or by being so colourful that they simply stand out above the rest of the QR Codes that are flooding the market. Visual QR Codes can be placed within pictures; entire posters could be used as visual codes. You no longer have to sacrifice your corporate colours in order to fit in a black and white QR code; keep your image and brand in tact thanks to Visual QR Codes and their unlimited options. Prevent spam and pop up adverts using Visual QR Codes, due to the payment structure utilised by QR Craze, you do not have to worry about us pushing free adverts or embedding advertising. You are in control of your own design every step of the way, there is no risk of hidden costs and hidden advertising.  Keep your leads and clients thanks to our safe, secure and easy to use Visual QR Codes.

This is simple; visit our pricing section in order to find out about the different Visual QR Code creation packages on offer. There is a price structure fit for all of our clients to make use of be they budding businesses or successful corporations. Once you select your package type, you will be granted access to a realm of possibilities as marketing, promotions and messaging begin to work in synergy thanks to a marketing tool unlike any on the market.

What are the Differences between Dynamic and Direct QR codes?


QR codes have been used for a while now and they have been quite successful in allowing people to get information on a company by scanning these codes and receiving information on them. The only problem is that the codes that most people get from free generators cannot be edited and this is the main reason why someone needed to come up with a dynamic QR code that could be changed when needed. This is going to be extremely practical for any business.

The dynamic QR code is a revolutionary version of this practical marketing strategy and there is no way to deny the power that it has and how it can be extremely useful for anyone who is constantly changing the offers, discounts and special deals they have available. The use of the dynamic QR code is going to make it a lot easier for things to be edited as soon as needed without having to get a new QR code because you forgot some information or you made a mistake. Now you can fix anything and make any changes you want and you are not going to need to replace the entire code to do it.

There is no question that the only smart choice in the modern world is to get a dynamic QR code that is always going to be useful for you and you can print it on any campaigns you have without worrying that it will no longer be of use to you in the future. The investment of getting a dynamic code done for your business is going to be worth every single dollar and you should look for a company that is going to provide an easy method for you to be able to make changes without having to contact them every time you need a modification on the information.

Why Visual QR Codes are better than Black And White QR Codes?


Let’s face it, we are attracted by colors and by things that look flashy and beautiful. The QR code as it was originally made, is a black and white square that has a static like design and no visual appeal at all. This is the reason why a visual QR code with colorful and noticeable designs has been created and it will completely change the way in which QR codes are advertised.

The use of a visual QR code will provide the best branding and conversion results with a serious increase on the amount of scans that people will do. It’s quite natural that this codes world be much more appealing to people. When something is in black and white, it never provides the right kind of impact because people find black and white to be boring when it comes to advertisement.

The appeal of the QR code has been enhanced entirely now that companies can use clever images or their own logos in their QR code prints and this truly makes a world of difference. The visual attraction has always been an extremely important part of any kind of marketing strategy and this brings a vast number of opportunities that have never been available for the QR code.

All marketing experts have recommended that any business that has used QR codes in their marketing strategies, should consider the importance of switching to a visual QR code. The reason for this is that the increase in scans can be incredibly large and there is no logical reason to continue using the old boring black and white QR codes that bring no appeal or beauty to any design.